HOW TO install/transfer CruxEX 3.5 64 bit to a USB Pen Drive (and be happy)


Install my new version of CruxEX 3.5 64bit from 190630
My new version comes as a ZIP-file for direct installation/transfer to a USB Pen Drive. You can only install CruxEX to a USB Pen Drive in Windows Vista/7/8.1/10. Install the system like this:
1. Format the USB device with the file system FAT/FAT32. (Right click and select Format)
2. Open the downloaded ZIP file - with the program 7-Zip (free software) or WinRAR.
3. Extract the contents of ZIP archive to to the root of the USB drive. I.e. the folder cruxex.
4. Open up a command prompt as an administrator (very important) and make sure you are in I: (or the name of your USB stick on your computer). See HERE how it looks.
5. Run the command cd cruxex/boot followed by bootinst.bat. This is to make the USB stick bootable. Important: Do not just run the mentioned command when you are in C:. (If you do, Windows 10 - or whatever you have on the C drive - cannot start anymore). If you get error messages when running the just mentioned command then you should not worry about them. Just click a few times on the "Try again" button. If you still receive an error message that it all failed, do not worry about it either. The Pen Drive is bootable if you have done exactly what I write in paragraph 1-5 above.
6. Set the BIOS so that the computer in the first place is booting from USB HDD (or similar).
7. Restart your computer with the CruxEX USB Pen Drive in place, and so forth.


Can be done if you follow this instruction:
1. Start up a Linux system where you have syslinux installed. Ubuntu?
2. Format a USB stick with a single FAT32 partition. It can then (for example) be recognized as /dev/sdc and showing up as /dev/sdc1. Label the stick as CRUXEX (for example).
3. When logged in as root the automounter will mount the partition under /media/root/CRUXEX.
4.  Based on this, the following commands (a - d) will successfully install CruxEX to USB:
a) unzip /root/ -d /media/root/CRUXEX ; sync
To make the stick properly bootable, first set the partition active:
b) printf 'a\nw\n' | sudo fdisk /dev/sdc
Lastly, install syslinux:
c) dd if=/usr/lib/syslinux/mbr/mbr.bin of=/dev/sdc bs=440 count=1 conv=notrunc
d) syslinux -d /cruxex/boot/ -if /dev/sdc1

Unfortunately persistence can't be enabled anymore while running CruxEX from a USB stick. You can, however, change the system to your liking while running CruxEX live. I.e. install new packages etc. If you later on decide you want to install CruxEX to hard drive from the USB Pen Drive all your system changes will also be installed to your chosen hard drive. Another good thing is that you can run CruxEX super fast from RAM - screenshot. You can also run CruxEX from the USB stick in VirtualBox. Follow this instruction. You can also go on and install CruxEX to a virtual hard drive in VirtualBox. Just create one and format a partition of about 8 GB for the CruxEX system and a partition of 2 GB as SWAP. Use GParted for that. GParted is pre-installed in CruxEX. Then install CruxEX the "normal" way. Read this instruction.

190630 /exton